Paint it black when Swedish journalists forgot how to check the source

Paint it black, our how journalists forgot their

The Internet has been painted black in a massive campaign for AIK football premiere at the new home stadium. The campaign has reached infinitely far, Facebook, instagram and twitter is filled with black profile pictures and logos in honor of the premiere in the Allsvenska.
The Hashtag #Paintitblack has been carried out all over social media and IRL campaigns has been creatively painting the capitol of Sweden with banners reading: “Buy season tickets/ #Paint it black”.

I love these kinds of things. It proves the strength of social media. That is what I am talking about when teaching educators to teach.

We saw evidence of the impact of social media during the Arab Spring which blog was and cries for help were sent around the world via twitter. We see pictures from Syria with wounded people, cry for help, and we saw it in the problems of the Icelandic volcano (No I cannot spell her name) and Europe cancelled flights when people began to start hundreds of Facebook groups carpooling with cars and buses around Europe.

But in all of this I think we need to remember that we can not trust everything. In the #paint it black campaigned we have seen proof of this today, and with this also real proof how badly journalists today check their sources.

This Monday a new site came up announcing that a Swedish musician “Tommy Nilsson” changed his name to “Black”. You guys remember that AIK also had campaign #Paintitblack
But instead of checking the sources every single Swedish media did identify the name change as a public relations coup for AIK…

Tommy Nilsson never however tweeted:

“AIK is of course in my heart but it has nothing to do with the name change to make,” he writes.
But did Swedish media listen?

No and on Tuesday morning took the whole thing a new twist that seemed to reinforce the AIK-coupling. A You Tube video came up on the AIK campaign site with a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Paint it black”. There were no pictures only a screen which referred to the campaign site. But the comment said that the video had been recorded by Tommy Nilsson under the new stage name Black.
Here it is >>

And every Swedish media channel fell for it…

But really, the so called name change part of an advertising campaign for a candy factory new chocolate BLACK. Unfortunately for the candy company their video was released hour after the #Paintitblack version …

And here is the video the candy factory wanted to release:


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